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San Francisco - Night Drive

Published on 16 April 2021 at 19:45

San Francisco - Night Drive 


Release Date - 9th April

Words - Kim Holder

San Francisco is a solo project from welsh singer-songwriter Iwan Grant. He is studying popular music in Leeds and is now ready to take his alt-indie/rock career to the next level. His songs are guitar-driven and have traditional indie sounds as heard in his first two releases ‘Just Friends’ and ‘(Not) Sentimental’.

'Night Drive' is a new release from San Francisco. It is a track that is about heartache and conveys real emotion about a situation between lovers and not having the chance to make a relationship work. This would be a relatable song for many people, As this is a situation that can be very common and is a cause of heartache for many.

“If you give us both a chance” are lyrics from this song. These lyrics reiterate the emotion of just wanting their partner to give them both a chance and making the relationship work. Making this song heavily relatable for many people going through heartbreak like this. I think that this track is very catchy and I absolutely love it. It sounds like your traditional indie song, which is a genre that I absolutely love and Iwan conveys the emotion of this song very well. It may be upbeat but the lyrics are heavily relatable and are heartfelt. Iwan’s voice is also a joy to listen to.

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