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Premier League 2020/21 Predictions

Published on 11 September 2020 at 20:52

The start of the new Premier League season is imminent and with it, our first ever Premier League predictions are here. You may agree (although probably not) and that's what the comments are there for. So lets get in to it with our Premier League predictions for the 2020/21 season.

20th. Fulham 

The less said about Fulham the better. They really are a team not made for the Prem. The team don’t have the proverbial bottle that you’d assume from a Premier League team, but with how many times they go up and down do you blame me? Typical yo-yo team and I can't see them mustering many points at all, despite keeping hold of Mitrovic.

19th. Burnley 

Burnley aren’t a team I ever see doing well, a few stellar home matches don’t do it for me and survival may not be as secured as people think. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of time for Sean Dyche, but this season may be the end of Burnley's Premier League run - hard to believe they were playing European football a couple of seasons ago.

18th. Crystal Palace 

Palace could have been the team to beat, but every player they bring through gets packed up and shipped off and they really don’t feel like a team made for it anymore, even with Roy Hodgson at the helm. Over reliance on Wilfried Zaha and a serious lack of fire power will harm them this year. 

17th. Brighton 

If we put politeness aside, Brighton aren’t a great team. They are a good team I won’t lie, but they have no player you can watch and think “wow look at him go." Well I mean Ben White was exceptional in the championship last season but is he really ready to play against Firmino, Salah, Aguero or even Lacazette? Only time will tell but my guess would be yes. They'll be safe again this year, but only just.

16th. West Brom

Some amazing football is played by West Brom admittedly. Yes they have a certain, almost attractive appeal to their work rate but they miss something important, quality. In my opinion I believe this team will struggle to acclimate to the Prem and for that reason alone I don’t want to place them any higher than I already have - although they will have enough quality to stay up.

15th. Newcastle 

Newcastle have some exciting players such as Saint Maximim and Almiron, but the owners are pi** poor and don’t really invest in the club. I don’t know how long they can survive carrying on like this but I don’t think it’ll be much longer. But as long as Steve Bruce is at the helm, you've got a better chance than most.

14th. West Ham 

West ham are a weird one, they almost remind me of Leeds. Does anyone know what happened, or why it happened? No? Me neither, but apparently we don’t deserve to see the arming force of The Hammers and have to settle for mediocre football in the capital. Their fan base deserve much more than what David Moyes can deliver, but it looks like it will be another bottom half finish.

13th. Aston Villa 

If Aston Villa learn it’s a team game they might do much better than this, but if a team relies on a player as heavily as they do Jack Grealish there isn’t much confidence to have. I can see them either over achieving, as I've placed them here, or fighting relegation (but I'll keep it positive... for now).

12th. Wolves

Wolves are a team who don’t get enough justice and appreciation for how good they are, I know that’s ironic for a bloke who says they’ll finish 12th but I’m not bloody finished ok? Anyway, Wolves are a beautifully playing team with talent and skill in abundance and with players like Adama Traore and Raul Jiminez, but I feel the loss of Doherty and with the strength of other teams, mid-table it is.

11th. Leeds United 

Before I say anything, I should mention I’m a big Leeds United fan and it took all my integrity not to put them higher in this table. I know a lot of you will still think 11th is a little high and I understand that, but Leeds have been playing some of the most beautiful football in Europe over the last two years. With a master like “El Loco” and “The Yorkshire Pirlo” Kalvin Phillips, a lot can be expected from this side but they do have a tendency to implode towards the business end of the season, so I think mid-table sounds about right.

10th. Southampton 

I can never figure out where to stick them to be perfectly honest. They aren’t the most imaginative or hard working team but the get the results they need and does anything else really matter? If Ings can carry on his scintillating form though, they may be able to push on but I think 10th sounds about right.

9th. Tottenham 

Don’t get me wrong, Spurs are an amazing team who do a lot on and off the pitch but, and it’s a big one, they’re constantly injured. Sometimes I feel like the only three things certain in life is death, taxes and Harry Kane being out for more than a month in a season from a small collision. Harry, if you’re reading this fella, just drink some bloody milk like and sort those ankles out. I also think Mourinho is past it, and they won't get any higher than 9th I'm afraid.

8th. Sheffield United 

Not much to say here, last season was amazing for the Yorkshire outfit and I’m hoping for more of the same. It should be easier with plenty of experience for the team last season, which hopefully means we can see a much more confident showing this year. If we see the same Sheff as in the championship then this year the premier league is on flames, mark my words. I have huge respect for Chris Wilder, I think he has done a spectacular job and despite not making back-page headlines, their transfer business has been acutely decent as well. Expect another good showing.

7th. Chelsea 

You ever heard the expression “if you throw enough s*** at the wall, some will stick”? Well clearly Frank Lampard hasn’t and with more attempts to hide his panic he’s replaced most of the youth he so publicly shared faith in last season. But a lift on the transfer embargo and a host of top players joining still doesn’t fill me with confidence. Timo Werner is a brilliant signing, as is Kai Havertz, but spending so much will only add an intense amount of pressure onto Frank and anything but a perfect start to the season, in which they face the reigning champions on gameweek 2, will only add to that pressure; and Roman Abramovich is famously not a patient man.

6th. Everton

The team isn’t amazing on paper but a couple of marquee signings dotted around as well as Carlo Ancelotti, I'm worried. The project being built at Goodison is a whole other level, and with one of the best managers around at the helm, some amazing young talent, a new stadium in the works and hotly wanted Crystal Palace star Wilfrid Zaha publicly saying he’d like to join don’t rule them out just yet. 

5th. Arsenal

I was tempted to go with the cliché 4th for Arsenal but to be honest their team doesn’t excite me enough to feel like they can finish in the Champions League. Aubamayang up front is good for any team in the world, but the defence has been chaotic for a while. They are a good team I won’t lie but can they keep enough momentum to fight for silverware? Probably just the FA Cup in true Gunners fashion.

4th. Leicester 

What can I really say about Leicester? It doesn’t matter who the other team is, with Jamie Vardy unleashing such unbelievable pace they can grab a goal from anywhere. It doesn’t exactly hurt their chances that James Maddison really feels like a special player who has the experience now, let’s hope he has the heart it takes to lead the team when needed. Last season, they were hurt the most by the pause but I'm sure Brendan Rodgers has rallied the troops and they will be more desperate than ever for a top four position.

3rd. Liverpool

Controversial pick I know but I don’t think Liverpool will be as good as they have been the past two seasons. I just feel like they need another dimension that they haven’t added this transfer window to keep them at that edge. Still expecting great things from a great outfit here, but the last two seasons have been unforgettable and I fear this one won’t be memorable. However, if Thiago comes in and everyone stays fit, they'll be challenging the title once more.

2nd. Manchester City 

Obvious choice for my runner ups. The billionaire blues are no joke and with so much interest from Lionel Messi of all people, you know they have a team to be reckoned with. If you ever have seen them play you’ll know how smooth it is. For those of you who haven’t, it’s like the classic Arctic Monkeys song 'A certain romance' it just doesn’t stop climbing and getting better from the first whistle to the last. However, they may have brought in Nathan Ake but this will not be enough stop their defensive woe's and Pep will have to prioritise Champions League this year otherwise, he will be gone.

1st. Manchester United 

Now hear me out on this, you’ve got one of the best and youngest attacking line ups going (not including Jesse Lingard) and I got an interview with an attacker from PAOK FC who said Harry Maguire is a handful himself. If they keep they’re composure and maybe buy De Gea some adult gloves ,they could run riot this year. I've gone for a left field pick for the title and I don't necesarily believe in Ole, but with that frightening front three and midfield, they are my pick for the title.

So there we have it, my picks for the upcoming Premier League campaign. I didn't want to go with obvious picks and I hope this can start up a good discussion below. One thing we can all agree with though, is that I can not wait to see that footy being kicked around for 90 minutes again!

Words: Sam Cooke

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