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Why Always Him - The Balotelli Conundrum (Part 1)

Published on 21 September 2020 at 09:03

'Why always me?' will immediately play with many football fans emotions and with good reason, the ability and confidence Mario Balotelli possesses in among the top athletes in the world, not just football, so what went wrong?  Is there more than meets the eye? Was his vendetta against the press justified and most importantly... 'why always him?'

Mario Balotelli made an unusual start to life in the Premier League after already making a name for himself before he had even stepped out at the Etihad, which sounds impressive but for those of you who know the story, it wasn’t a good sign. Mario displayed impeccable skill while in England, even managing to gainfavour of the then manager Manuel Pellegrini. How many strikers could play next to the fabled Aguero in a side victorious in possibly the most neutrally entertaining season the Premier League has ever seen? You may remember how it ended: "Balotelli, Agueroooo!"

He may have been instrumental in that final moment, and may have been one of the most naturally gifted forwards at the time, but like with many footballers we have seen in the past decade, he behaved like an absolute pillock. From carrying obscene amounts of cash with the excuse of “because I’m rich” when questioned by the police, to the Catherine Wheel he set off in the bathroom of his Manchester home endangering the lives of all people at his party, Balotelli was writing headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Balotelli was crucified by the press for the Catherine Wheel incident, which was more than fair. However, he responded by behaving like a spoilt child with a superiority complex. During Manchester City's 6-1 victory over city rivals Manchester United, Balotelli opened the scoring and revealed a tee underneath his kit, with one simple message written on it... “why always me?”. 

So what do you do when your new star striker spits his dummy out and kicks off just because an article was printed about him? According to Manuel Pellegrini the answer is simple, keep him on the pitch and wait for his second goal of the day.

Controversy spreads faster than positivity however, and Mario's childish antics and poor behaviour would eventually catch up with him.

The Premier League story fizzles out from there for Mario unfortunately, if we ignore the forgettable spell he had at Liverpool, but a Premier League winners medal and an iconic place in the history books joined him on his journey. There is much more to delve into when discussing the enigmatic Mario Balotelli, but I'd like to end part 1 on a positive note. Mario Balotelli up to this point, had an incredibly impressive career so far, including a 'Golden Boy' award and a Champions League winners medal!

Words: Sam Cooke


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