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Throwback of the week (16th August)

Published on 16 August 2020 at 16:18

Ed Sheeran's 'Little Lady' takes the hot spot for this weeks 'Tune of The Week': Warning, it might pluck at your heart strings. 

Never has a track curved my expectations and blown my mind quite like 'Little Lady' which features on Ed’s album 'no.5 collaborations project' and includes the same instrumental as his smash hit 'The A-team'. You know, that track that was blasted everywhere by everyone in 2011. Similarity there, with the content of 'Little lady'  being a lot more sinister and leaving little to the imagination.


We all know how 'A Team' starts, the mellow guitar chord taking us back to the summer every single time, and 'Little lady' is no different. The story is beautifully written by Ed and depicts an unfortunate young woman “celebrating” her birthday while living with her uncle. The verses on this track are picked up by the very talented Mikill Pane, whose Gruff and southern tones perfectly capture the rough overtones of this particular piece.


Mikill Pane takes us on a journey throughout the girl in questions birthday, from her waking up to remember “your punter went crazy last night” to “get your alibi straight, you could be killed for an error”, we learn about the girls situation in an, in my opinion successful, attempt at striking a emotional connection with the listener. This combined with Ed’s always beautiful vocals leave this track second to none for its type for me, everything about the track is a very unique and different element but when they’re combined together, wow. 


Warning: this track will pull at your hearts string, just make sure you get a nice melody yeah? 

Words: Samuel Cameron-Cooke

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